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PRISMA Flow Diagram Example

PRISMA Flow Diagram: How publications ‘flow’ through the updated PRISMA 2020 process and chart

The PRISMA Flow Diagram has become a standard part of any systematic review or meta-analysis, and with good reason– it is the most widely accepted method to show the process by which the studies included in a review were included (or excluded). It also shows the different possible steps of a review, different potential sources (from PubMed to ‘expert recommendations’), and the exact reasons you set up to differentiate the wheat from the chaff among the studies you examined.

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Data extraction, cells


This help article is about performing data extraction for meta-analyses in the NK Platform. If you just want basic instructions, feel free to check out

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Screening is as easy as include or exclude.
Research Support


After your lightbulb moment this morning of starting a new research project on randomized controlled trials of mechanical thrombectomy in acute ischemic stroke patients, you are now settled at your desk, finalizing what type of search to run for your systematic review. You think you’ve created a pretty solid search and it has come back with a couple hundred articles. But how do you proceed from here?

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Randomized Controlled Trial[pt] (Filters to RCTs based on the assigned MeSH publication type)
Research Support

Create a Great Literature Search

This help article is about searching PubMed via API through the NK Platform. After developing a research question, use NK software to run a literature search on PubMed. These searches can be performed immediately and repeated on a schedule.

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