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What is Nested Knowledge?

Nested Knowledge = Living Evidence Direct Data Access Interactive Visuals

Nested Knowledge® is a full life-cycle systematic literature review and meta-analysis software platform.

Our platform enables academics to collaborate seamlessly, and update their reviews on the fly.

Journal editors can then publish their outputs as interactive, visual, web-based living reviews with direct data access.


This sunburst visual is an embedded visual representation of the studies included in a living review on anterior vs. posterior strokes.

Try it out:

By clicking on various segments in the sunburst, you can quickly narrow the list of studies based on key review concepts, such as population or outcomes. Then, you can click on individual studies in order to read the abstract and see other associated tags and data.

This is the future of clinical evidence.

Shift to Living Evidence

Less than 15% of the Literature

Reviews drive clinical practice guidelines and biopharmaceutical therapy development, regulatory and clinical affairs.

Yet, less than 15% of the literature is covered by up to date clinical reviews.

In response to this ever-expanding body of research, stakeholders are shifting towards publishing Living Systematic Reviews and Meta-analyses as best practice for evidence synthesis. Living SRs are highly cited and shown to vastly reduce papers’ time from publication to inclusion.

Journals across disciplines are issuing calls for living systematic reviews. Whether you’re looking to publish or get published, now is the time to get involved.


Transforming the Impact of Living Evidence

Static PDFs are the best way for doctors to access clinical outcomes data.

Our software is a collaborative development project with librarians and researchers at the ECRI Institute to reflect best practices of literature review in a web-based workflow software. 

Most recently, ECRI institute partnered with the FDA to feature their interactive visual outputs in a “Tools for Regulatory Science” webinar. 


Living Systematic Reviews

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