Evidence Synthesis

Build A Single Source of Truth

Nested Knowledge® is the ultimate solution for Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) looking to provide a single source of truth through living evidence. It supports a wide variety of data types, enabling comparison of treatments and interventions across all available evidence with ease. When clinical trial data is not available or incomplete, fill the gap with Nested Knowledge: conduct systematic reviews and meta-analyses with industry leading templates, workflows and automations. Advanced search, data gathering, and appraisal tools provide the ability to synthesize evidence quickly, for instantaneous visualization and real-time reporting.

Flexible Structure

Templated, hierarchical data structures adhere to industry standards for evidence synthesis while still allow on-the-fly changes and customization.

Rapid Updatability

Incorporate new and emerging evidence at scale. Then, harmonize new data with existing data to keep stakeholders apprised.

Instant Visualization

Gathering qualitative and quantitative data in Nested Knowledge automatically generates tables and visuals which can be securely exported or shared.

Recurring Revenue

Living Evidence Libraries

Living evidence libraries are a new gold standard for evidence synthesis. By centralizing all of a client’s data in a single, easily accessible platform, Nested Knowledge allows CROs to continuously synthesize on the backend, while offering instant access on the frontend.

Inform multiple departments, from R&D to marketing, throughout the client’s organization. Unlock new, recurring revenue streams by providing targeted insights over the entire product lifecycle.

See it in Action

Experience Living Evidence

This interactive Qualitative Synthesis visualization results from the careful combination of all currently available and published evidence for treatment of Basilar Artery Stroke with Endovascular Thrombectomy. Updated continuously on the in the background, this point-and-click interface allows you to review hand-picked insights, then explore the sunburst diagram or select a specific study to trace insights back to the source.

By creating the best systematic review, meta-analysis, and evidence synthesis tools available, Nested Knowledge allows you and your clients to focus on analyzing the outcomes associated with interventions and comparators across populations.

Start tracking hundreds of variables concurrently with Nested Knowledge.

Global impact

Deploy Nested Knowledge Across Teams

From pre-market planning to post-market surveillance, make sure everyone has access to the highest quality data with Nested Knowledge. We serve:

  • Health Economics & Outcomes Research
  • Clinical Affairs
  • Medical Affairs
  • Medical Writing & Regulatory Affairs
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Market Access
  • Data Management and Biostatistics

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