Our Story

Nested Knowledge was founded in 2018 after Keith and Kevin Kallmes became frustrated by the lack of software solutions for conducting and interpreting systematic reviews.

Karl Holub and Stephen Mead began building the first version later that year.


Kevin Kallmes, CEO and Co-founder

Kevin Kallmes

CEO, Co-founder

Keith Kallmes

President, Co-founder

Karl Holub

Chief Technology Officer, Co-founder
Stephen Mead, Chief Software Engineer
Stephen Mead

Chief Software Engineer, Co-founder


Peter Schineller


Dr. Dheerendra Kommala, Board Member

Dr. Dheerendra Kommala


Tony Coniglio

Transactions Lead


Nicole Hardy, Director of Research

Nicole Hardy

Director of Research

Kathryn Cowie

Kathryn Cowie

Project Manager

Jeff Johnson

Jeff Johnson

Visual Strategist