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Kevin Kallmes

Kevin Kallmes

Chief Executive Officer, Cofounder

Kevin is a serial entrepreneur with two previous successes. In 2015, he and his brother founded a research consultancy that quickly grew to over 20 researchers covering every stage of the product lifecycle. In 2018, he spun a vascular device startup out of the Mayo Clinic and drove it from prototype to commercialization and acquisition. Based on the needs he found in both ventures, Kevin identified the key unmet need for an AI-enhanced platform for gathering and presenting clinical findings.

Previously, Kevin was educated at Duke Law School before interning at the National Institutes of Health with a focus on data management. He also holds a Masters degree in Bioethics and Science Policy, and has published extensively on topics ranging from publishing ethics to novel treatments for vascular diseases. On top of leading Nested Knowledge, Kevin mentors medical entrepreneurs, including assisting with more than $20M in non-dilutive NIH funding for driving novel innovations to market.
Keith Kallmes

Keith Kallmes

President, Cofounder

Keith cofounded a research consultancy with his brother in 2015 and led business development, landing contracts with the majority of leading vascular companies in the US within 3 years. Then, he led sales for a Mayo Clinic spinout, including establishing key accounts at dozens of endovascular-capable centers, followed by a successful market launch and exit. At Nested Knowledge, Keith is the key channel to institutional users and partners, ensuring that those in greatest need of evidence management solutions are not only able to improve their tech-enabled services but also drive growth in their own business development.

Previously, after studying economics at the University of Minnesota, Keith interned in science policy at the Cato Institute. Then, concurrently with founding his own first startup, Keith became a Director of the Startup Resource Center, a virtual service dedicated to matching medical startups with key suppliers, and an advisor to multiple tech-focused accelerators. Keith also leads fundraising, with a track record of over $6M raised from angels, venture capital, and physicians.
Karl Holub

Karl Holub

Chief Technology Officer, Cofounder

Karl leads product development, including data structures, AI models, and visualizations at Nested Knowledge. His dual background in computer science and statistics make him the ideal data scientist and development leader for a data-centric platform. Before Nested Knowledge, Karl was a Senior Data Scientist at TripAdvisor, where he led ad-rank on a billion-dollar platform, with additional experience working for Dell Computers.

In addition to leading product development, Karl is active in the open-source statistics space, with his algorithm shukra achieving thousands of downloads per month. In his free time, Karl serves as the web developer for charities in the developing world.
Stephen Mead

Stephen Mead

Chief Software Engineer, Cofounder

Stephen is a mathematician, full-stack developer, and cyber-security researcher. Prior to Nested Knowledge, he worked for the Department of Defense examining the impact of probabilistic processing on compute speed, accuracy, and power efficiency. These findings were then applied to multi-precision libraries to improve performance in cryptography. At Nested Knowledge he implements code across the entire platform. His full stack work includes React, Node.JS, PostgreSQL, and Python micro services. When he's multitasking, he enjoys alpine skiing.

Directors and Advisors

Dheerendra Kommala

Dr. Dheerendra Kommala

Board Member and Chief Medical Officer of the ECRI Institute

Dr. Kommala is a physician, pharmaceutical executive, and research director by background. Trained as a nephrologist, Dr. Kommala has served as Chief Medical Officer of ConvaTec, Associate Medical Director at Abbott Laboratories, and Vice President of Global Medical Affairs at Baxter.

Currently, Dr. Kommala leads a team of 70+ medical researchers, librarians, and statisticians at the ECRI Institute, in which role he manages strategic relationships and oversees patient safety research. Additionally, he supports the collaboration between ECRI and Nested Knowledge to develop features that represent best scientific practices.
Anthony Coniglio

Dr. Anthony Coniglio

Advisor and President of OPUS Pharma Consulting

Dr. Coniglio has over 30 years of experience in commercial strategy and business development at Bristol Myers Squibb, Pharmacia, Antidote Therapeutics, and Medpointe. In addition, he is the founder and President of OPUS Pharma Consulting, which has advised on business development, portfolio development, and commercial and market strategy to leading pharmaceutical brands for over fourteen years.

Dr. Coniglio is a key advisor on the unmet needs Nested Knowledge can address, as well as a channel to the research and consulting groups that often manage clinical evidence in collaboration with pharma companies.
Julia Brodsky

Dr. Julia Brodsky

Advisor and Vice President of Strategic Data Products at Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Dr. Brodsky has over 20 years of experience centered on the pharmaceutical industry, with a special focus on data innovations and digital transformation. She is currently Vice President of Strategic Data Products at Novartis US Oncology, leading a team responsible for driving data innovations to accelerate digital transformation and leveraging data as a strategic asset. She also has experience in Market Access and Analytics within Novartis, giving her both the insight into the pressing need for better evidence management platforms and the experience to integrate transformative platforms across large organizations.

Before Novartis, Dr. Brodsky served on several management teams, including AT&T Labs, Sanofi, Organon, and Symphony Health Solutions. Along with her education– she holds a PhD and Masters degree in Statistics from NYU, as well as a Bachelor’s in Computer Science–these experiences gave her deep expertise in data strategy, data enablement, predictive and descriptive analytics across pharmaceutical development cycle, cloud-based infrastructure, and tech-enabled organizational growth and execution. She has been an appointed National Pharmaceutical Council Board member to represent Novartis, and served as an Pharmaceutical Management Science Association Elected Board Member.

Key Partners

The Nested Knowledge team is supported by a wide range of investors, researchers, and development partners, and has worked closely with several institutions as a key technology provider. See a shortlist of key contributors and adopters here:

Founding Vision

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