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What is Nested Knowledge?

Decisions at the speed of AI

Get answers in days, not months, with Nested Knowledge®, your all-in-one solution for efficient literature reviews. From scoping to meta-analysis, our software-plus-services model ensures a seamless experience, allowing you to focus on what matters most—making decisions backed by high quality evidence.

Living Evidence

What Does An AI Review Look Like?

Time is of the essence. In order to meet the evidentiary demands of the product life cycle across all functional groups within your organization, Nested Knowledge software ushers in an entirely new paradigm in evidence synthesis. Instead of simply handing off static outputs which fall out of date quickly and require protracted timelines to procure, we provide you with high quality evidence synthesis more quickly with updates on a recurring basis.

The result? Comprehensive synthesis presents as auto-generated, interactive outputs, allowing you and your teams to start making decisions backed by evidence more quickly than ever before.

See the embedded example below: on the right, you see a ontology of concepts used to organize extracted evidence; left, you’ll find applied filters and a list of underlying studies; underneath, a series of insights curated for you.

Best of Both worlds

Start with AI, Dive Deeper with Experts

Powered by best-in-class artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms for search, screening and data extraction, Nested Knowledge delivers AI-driven scoping reviews that provide insights into the evidence on day one. 

However, because our reviews are built with software workflows designed for humans first, it’s easy to leverage expertise from these great partner organizations and delve into the evidence and develop the initial review further. The initial build can serve as the basis of a scientific platform for medical affairs, a series of reviews to support a global HTA dossier,  or other project type with unique evidence requirements.

Need an example? Read more about how we helped BioScience Pharma Partners, LLC uncover biomechanisms of neurodegeneration quickly and accurately.


Trusted Results

While previous evidence discovery and delivery are static, duplicative, or fragmented, the Living Evidence Library is in class of its own. Completely source agnostic with impeccable data provenance, the Living Evidence Library becomes a trusted, single source of truth. 

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