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From helping you implement faster AI-assisted workflows which speed up your team by up to 75%, to helping you think through how to design your next project with the new JCA requirements in mind, Nested Knowledge has you covered. If there is a singular through line that ties these top trends together, it’s this: evidence synthesis is getting more complicated, not less.

Towards Patient-Centered Health Technology Assessment

HTA Wheel

While HTAs are designed to help payers–in some cases governments– allocate resources and control rising healthcare costs, patients are the ultimate stakeholders.
In the seventeen years since researchers first proposed “patient-based health technology assessments,” key institutions have made progress. PCORI, ICER, and other agencies invite patient comments on HTAs and listen to patients on their advisory panels.

Feature Comparison for Systematic Literature Review: Nested Knowledge vs Spreadsheets

Stacks of spreadsheets

In the realm of conducting systematic literature reviews (SLRs), the question invariably arises: how do these new technologies compare to the trusty spreadsheet? Spreadsheets offer flexibility and a familiar interface, making them the default choice for many researchers. However, as the demands for more streamlined, faster, and AI-assisted SLRs grow, sophisticated tools like Nested Knowledge […]

Format your Tag Hierarchy to Match your Export Spreadsheets

The proficient generation of correctly formatted spreadsheets is pivotal for the efficient presentation of insights to clients, internal teams— everyone on the receiving end of the project’s data of interest. While this step comes after the completion of your review, you should be confident that the data extracted earlier on can be easily presented in the […]

Transitioning into Nested Knowledge

In the ever-evolving landscape of systematic literature review (SLR) software, it is difficult to know which tool is going to best match and improve your current workflows. When considering alternatives, you need to be confident in the ability to seamlessly transition current and ongoing projects into any new solution. While the decision to switch tools […]

EUnetHTA 21: Impact of European HTA Regulation on Evidence Generation Strategy

While the 90-day submission of a review across diverse PICOs may be intimidating, emerging technologies can help structure and perform the required data gathering. Specifically, the use of living evidence libraries, which are rapidly updated as new evidence emerges, positions manufacturers to swiftly adapt to evolving evidence requirements. Here, one solution, a centralized living evidence library software offering by Nested Knowledge, is described in brief.

Artificial Intelligence at Nested Knowledge

RoboPICO RoboPICO is an optional PICO highlight tool, used to find the most commonly mentioned populations, interventions, and outcomes in the abstracts and titles. It first is used to help suggest terms of interest when query building in the Search Exploration tool. After you string a few concepts together and click explore, you will get […]

Tag Tables, Explained

Nested Knowledge’s flexible extraction mechanism helps reflect complex methods and data from records.