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Onboarding with Nested Knowledge:


Allow experts to focus on expert-level work.

Free up your team by conducting your systematic reviews and meta-analyses in AutoLit and let our system automate your record keeping, collaboration management, and data harmonization.

Big or small, teams can now collaborate seamlessly, without having to worry about stepping on each others toes or doing redundant work.

In AutoLit, AI and machine learning reveal insights, but leave decisions in the hands of you and your team. With features like automatic PICO highlighting, tasks like screening and tagging have never been quicker.


Differentiate Your Deliverables with Visual Outputs

Static PDFs are the best way for your clients to access clinical outcomes data.

Instead of handing your clients a one-off PDF, keep your clients up-to-date on a reoccurring basis with Synthesis

By sharing a visual, interactive dashboard, your clients gain direct access to study-level data, instantaneous updates, and point-and-click analytics.

Generate New Business Throughout the Product Lifecycle

Pharmaceutical Department Data Sources:

Become the source of qualitative  quantitative compliance clinical HEOR data

Pharmaceutical departments often rely on numerous external vendors and research partners to gather the evidence they need to bring a product to market. Often, data used once, and is not generated in a way that is readily sharable with other departments even within the same company.

By enabling you to share “living” reviews which can be updated by your team as new data becomes available, Nested Knowledge gives you the tools you need to bring a single source of truth to the table. Between Quantitative Synthesis, Qualitative Synthesis, and our Manuscript products, you’ll make inroads quickly across multiple departments.


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