Artificial Intelligence at Nested Knowledge

RoboPICO RoboPICO is an optional PICO highlight tool, used to find the most commonly mentioned populations, interventions, and outcomes in the abstracts and titles. It first is used to help suggest terms of interest when query building in the Search Exploration tool. After you string a few concepts together and click explore, you will get […]

Nested Knowledge Can Lead the Way for Key Account Managers

Nested Knowledge can lead the way for Key Account Managers The methods for examining evidence toward reimbursement decisions continue to evolve in the modern healthcare value chain. Organized customers are a new development –bringing large, sophisticated, data-driven collaborations to bear– seeking to use data to scrutinize both efficacy and cost-effectiveness. So, key account managers (KAMs), […]

Not Systematic? That’s Ok!

Any medical researcher can tell you that systematic reviews are hard. It’s not just the difficulty of building out a research question/protocol/search strategy that is intimidating—there is also simply a large burden in screening and extraction to ensure the true comprehensiveness of the studies and data collected. However, not all questions are appropriate for systematic […]

10 Things to Keep in Mind When Setting Up Your First Nest

1. Understand What Nested Knowledge Is and What It Does Before you dive into all that Nested Knowledge (NK) has to offer, you should understand the two-fold nature of the software platform: AutoLit, and Synthesis. AutoLit is the workflow portion, enabling researchers to generate high-quality evidence, like systematic reviews and meta-analyses. Synthesis is the visualization, […]