Can ChatGPT Do Your Next Systematic Review?

I started where any literature review starts–by trying to construct a Search. I wanted to see if ChatGPT could generate a PubMed query that would yield similar initial search results to a human’s initial search string. I figured it would be easiest to simply try to replicate the initial search from a recently published review conducted by our research team in collaboration with two physicians from Stanford.

New Sources of Recurring Revenue for CROs: A case study from Nested Knowledge

Secret Formula for Systematic Reviews

Tech, meet experts. It’s a powerful force multiplier: using Nested Knowledge’s intelligent systematic review and evidence visualization software, experts at a top clinical research organization have built a living evidence library for their client, a leading pharmaceutical company in the diabetes space.

Why You Should Use Tagging Hierarchies?

December 6, 2022 How Nested Knowledge users harmonize data, structure study content, and build expert knowledge into the platform. When reviewing the medical literature, the general set of steps are usually constructed as: Search for studies (on PubMed, Embase, and similar), Screen to include relevant articles (sometimes with multi-step or dual screening methods), Extract data […]

Create a Great Literature Search

Randomized Controlled Trial[pt] (Filters to RCTs based on the assigned MeSH publication type)

This help article is about searching PubMed via API through the NK Platform. After developing a research question, use NK software to run a literature search on PubMed. These searches can be performed immediately and repeated on a schedule.

Developing Nested Knowledge: 2022 and Beyond

Nested Knowledge Development Timeline - 2020-2022

Looking ahead to 2022, the Nested Knowledge team is excited to bring additional features to the platform over the coming year, namely dual extraction, dual risk of bias, more quality control options, and an advanced organization-level library (including the very exciting “review inspector”).

Nested Knowledge Receives Vesalius Innovation Award from Karger Publishers

Vesalius Innovation Award

December 7, 2021 We are honored to announce that Nested Knowledge is the winner of this year’s Vesalius Innovation Award by Karger Publishers. The Vesalius Innovation Award is granted each year to “innovative, futuristic, and revolutionary ideas in the field of modern publishing with a focus on Health Sciences.” The award ceremony took place at […]

A “Meta” Analysis of Systematic Review Software

October 14, 2021 Update: Our systematic literature review of systematic literature review softwares was published! Check it out here. (May 2, 2022) Over the past few weeks, the research team at Nested Knowledge has been carefully answering an important question: how does our software stack up against other web-based tools for executing systematic literature reviews? […]