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Navidence and Nested Knowledge Partner to Standardize Real World Evidence Computable Operational Definitions

Navidence and Nested Knowledge announce partnership.

Navidence, a pioneering force in real world evidence and creator of the software platform RWE SherpaTM, is proud to announce a strategic collaboration with Nested Knowledge, a leading provider of AI-based SaaS solutions for systematic literature review, meta-analysis, and evidence synthesis. This collaboration aims to help RWE researchers optimize RWE design and RWD assessment in the Age of Data.

RWE Sherpa, is a transformational platform for RWE Design and RWD Assessment using AI-informed, indication-specific libraries of Computable Operational Definitions (CODefs). CODefs define a set of study design elements for each RWE project that are aligned to historical scientific literature, current data science approaches and existing real world data assets. By plugging in directly to the RWE Sherpa platform, RWE research teams can use CODefs to design studies with confidence, with the knowledge that they are using optimized and continuously updated libraries.

Nested Knowledge is an integral part of the Navidence ecosystem of solutions, with the Nested Knowledge AutoLit technology serving as the AI engine providing both speed and quality in the sourcing and validation of Computable Operational Definitions (CODefs) available to RWE Researchers through RWE Sherpa Platform. Specifically, Nested Knowledge supports the curation of indication-specific CODef Libraries, by managing complex, strategic literature search with ‘living’ review and semi-automated extraction of key concepts. By harnessing the AI Engine of Nested Knowledge, the Navidence team ensures every indication-specific CODef library is scientifically validated and up-to-date,despite a nearly constant deluge of data across the ever-growing list of covered indications.

Commenting on the collaboration, Aaron Kamauu, CEO of Navidence, said, “The solutions of Nested Knowledge have already transformed how the industry conducts systematic literature reviews, but the ability for their solution to underpin the scientific rigor of CODef Library development in RWE Sherpa, also shows how their solution extends well beyond the traditional SLR use case. Our close relationship with Nested Knowledge is one we value immensely and together our companies can help RWE Researchers apply AI-driven solutions in a meaningful way that can directly improve RWE Design and RWD Assessment.”

Kevin Kallmes, CEO of Nested Knowledge echoed the sentiment, “I’ve been excited about the RWE Sherpa platform since Aaron [Kamauu], Craig [Parker], Matt [Veatch], and Amanda [Shields] founded Navidence, because every real world evidence study depends on validated Computable Operational Definitions. Before Navidence, each study basically needed a bespoke search just to try and find relevant RWD sources for patients of interest. Now, not only does Navidence have ready-built CODef Libraries, but our partnership means that Navidence can update and expand these CODef Libraries with AI support, which is truly unprecedented. The real world evidence space absolutely needs structure and replicable practices, and Navidence is the first offering to provide this with a supportive platform across disease states.”

About Navidence

Navidence was founded in 2022 with the realization that RWE Researchers are living in the Age of Data, but lack effective technology to navigate and adapt to this new reality. Navidence provides the RWE Sherpa platform with professional services to enable RWE researchers to define their study element definitions and navigate towards the right fit-4-purpose data sources to the underlying research need, and unlock the power of health data for patients and the wider healthcare community.

About Nested Knowledge

Nested Knowledge is a leading provider of AI-based SaaS platform solutions for systematic literature review and meta-analysis in healthcare. Founded on the principles of updateability, traceability, and visual interactivity, Nested Knowledge’s platform revolutionizes the way evidence is understood and utilized in healthcare decision making. By automating the extraction and analysis of published clinical literature, Nested Knowledge empowers stakeholders with actionable insights for better decision making. 

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