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Decisive Consulting and Nested Knowledge Join Forces to Innovate Evidence-Based Decision Making in Healthcare

Decisive Consulting Partners with Nested Knowledge

Decisive Consulting, a pioneering force in Global Market Access strategy and execution, is proud to announce a strategic collaboration with Nested Knowledge, a leading provider of AI-based SaaS platform solutions for systematic literature review, meta-analysis, and evidence synthesis. This collaboration aims to transform evidence generation, analysis, and value and access strategy by combining Decisive Consulting’s expertise in HTA strategy and value communications with Nested Knowledge’s cutting-edge evidence synthesis platform.

Founded in 2020, Decisive Consulting emphasises an “access first” approach to development projects and commercial strategy. Their focus on enabling better decision making throughout the lifecycle of products has earned them a reputation as industry leaders in strategic planning, market access, HTA and pricing strategy, and capability building for success. 

Commenting on the collaboration, Esther Nzenza, CEO of Decisive Consulting, said, “Integrating the platform technology that Nested Knowledge offer into our HTA and value strategy work enables us to optimise efficiency and to ensure decisions are dynamically informed. Nested Knowledge have proven to be great partners in navigating the possibilities that AI bring to our work and we look forward to continuing to explore new frontiers together.” 

By providing automated assistance in every aspect of the review process, from screening of published clinical literature to data extraction, Nested Knowledge’s platform will be utilized to accelerate the research processes supporting informed decision-making and optimized value & access communication. In addition, Nested Knowledge delivers interactive, web-based visuals that facilitate understanding and decision making for all clients. With an emphasis on updateability, traceability, and visual interactivity, Nested Knowledge is poised to transform the way evidence is utilized in healthcare decision making. 

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Decisive Consulting to bring our innovative platform to the forefront of access strategy and execution,” said Kevin Kallmes, CEO of Nested Knowledge. “Decisive’s team has demonstrated their expertise and leadership not only in market access planning but in assisting from the earliest stages of development right through to commercialization. Together, we have the opportunity to revolutionize evidence strategy and drive positive outcomes for patients, healthcare providers, and industry stakeholders.” 

About Decisive Consulting

Decisive Consulting was founded in 2020 by Esther Nzenza with a vision to fill critical gaps in the pharmaceutical industry. With a focus on empowering clients with actionable insights and strategies, Decisive Consulting offers expertise in strategic planning, market access, pricing strategy, commercial assessments, and more. Through a commitment to “access first” decision making, Decisive Consulting aims to drive meaningful change in the healthcare landscape. 

About Nested Knowledge

Nested Knowledge is a leading provider of AI-based SaaS platform solutions for systematic literature review and meta-analysis in healthcare. Founded on the principles of updateability, traceability, and visual interactivity, Nested Knowledge’s platform revolutionizes the way evidence is understood and utilized in healthcare decision making. By automating the extraction and analysis of published clinical literature, Nested Knowledge empowers stakeholders with actionable insights for better decision making. 

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