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Nested Knowledge’s Public-interest Reviews

October 31, 2021

Nested Knowledge supports a wide range of review and meta-analysis projects, mostly completed by external researchers using our novel software system, AutoLit. However, as part of our internal testing of software performance and in support of grant submissions demonstrating the viability of AutoLit, we have completed and made public the following research projects. See each link for the Synthesis outputs from each of these public-interest projects!
Opioids: This nest examined published RCTs to examine the effectiveness of methadone, naltrexone, and buprenorphine in treating opioid use disorder. We were primarily interested in the outcomes of desire for opioids as measured by the VAS scale, the % negative urine sample, and patient retention. 
BGC: This was a nest that sought to evaluate the technical and clinical outcomes of BGC versus non-BGC approaches for acute ischemic stroke patients. We included all levels of evidence published from 2010 onwards, including retrospective cohort studies. The primary outcomes of interest were TICI 3, mortality, and 90-day mRS. It has been published and indexed at
Tanezumab: This was a nest that sought to evaluate the efficacy of tanezumab <5mg in patients with osteoarthritis. We only included RCTs in this nest and excluded any study that exclusively reported on doses > 5mg due to FDA regulations. The primary outcomes were WOMAC pain, WOMAC physical function, and PGA-OA. 
Heart Failure: This nest collected evidence from RCTs published since 2010 to evaluate the comparative effectiveness of different pharmacological therapies for treating heart failure with reduced ejection fraction. We only included studies that reported on a population with reduced ejection fraction and excluded studies on heart failure with preserved ejection fraction. The primary outcomes of interest were all-cause mortality, cardiovascular death, first hospitalization, and various adverse events such as hypotension and hyperkalemia. 
PPH: This nest was focused on reviewing published clinical evidence related to secondary (or late/>24 hr) postpartum hemorrhage. Due to the low-quality nature of underlying studies and non-comparable outcomes, this nest included any clinical study other than case reports and then consisted of a qualitative review of reported outcomes in women experiencing PPH after childbirth. 
COVID-RCTs: This nest evaluates the efficacy of antiviral therapies in treating COVID-19. We only included RCTs in this nest. The primary outcomes of interest were mortality, transfer to ICU, and length of hospital stay. 
PCSK-9: This nest addressed therapies for hyperlipidemia: specifically, we compare outcomes for patients treated with PCSK9 inhibitors against those treated with standard of care, placebo, or other hyperlipidemia therapeutics. We included all RCTs of PCSK9 inhibitors published since 2017, and collected the primary and secondary outcomes from each RCT. 
MT Alone vs. MT + IV-tPA: This nest sought to determine the added benefit of IV-tPA for patients undergoing mechanical thrombectomy. We included all RCTs from 2015 onwards. Our primary outcomes of interest were TICI 2b/3, FPE TICI 2b/3, mRS, and mortality. 

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