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Nested Knowledge Receives Vesalius Innovation Award from Karger Publishers

Vesalius Innovation Award

December 7, 2021

We are honored to announce that Nested Knowledge is the winner of this year’s Vesalius Innovation Award by Karger Publishers. The Vesalius Innovation Award is granted each year to “innovative, futuristic, and revolutionary ideas in the field of modern publishing with a focus on Health Sciences.” The award ceremony took place at the end of the innovation seminar event on Tuesday, December 7th, during STM Week 2021. The event was hosted by STM International in conjunction with Karger Publishers.

The theme of this year’s innovation seminar was “Tools for Trust; new standards and innovations for Research Integrity.” Keith Kallmes, our President and Business Development Lead, presented to an audience of international jury members on the need for improvement in transparency, comprehensiveness, and systematic approaches to the scientific literature. Specifically, Keith argued for a paradigm shift away from static PDFs which are quickly rendered out of date by the never-ending stream of published clinical literature, and toward the adoption of digital tools for conducting truly “living” systematic reviews. Systematic reviews (and their more mathematically intensive cousin, meta-analyses) have long been considered the highest level of evidence in publishing clinical data. 

Prior to Nested Knowledge, there was no truly end-to-end solution for conducting systematic reviews, and this award reflects the jury’s recognition of Nested Knowledge’s innovation in both how reviews are completed and in how they are published, displayed, and updated. Between our two product offerings, AutoLit and Synthesis, researchers can work together in a singular software ecosystem to publish interactive visuals which can handle the continuous flow of clinical literature. As our friends at Karger point out: “Vesalius not only revolutionized anatomy when he published “De humanis corporis fabrica” in 1543. His work also took typography and illustration to a new level, laying the foundation for an entirely new view of the human body for many generations to come.” Nested Knowledge has only been around since 2018, but we are excited to walk in his footsteps, and to help a new generation of doctors publish great science with ground-breaking visuals.

In the interest of Open Science, we are making Nested Knowledge free for academic researchers. Contact us for more information or to be trained on using our innovative review software!

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