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Transform the systematic review and meta-analysis paradigm from static out-of-date PDFs to dynamic living, interactive web-based visuals

AutoLit is built for the way you work.


We value curiosity, collaboration, and systematic approaches to research. Streamline your literature review in AutoLit, which enables you to complete every step—search, screen, tag, and extract—using best practices in a single platform. Maintain your ‘living’ body of evidence by automatically integrating new clinical data as it becomes available.

Explore more with Synthesis.

After building your living review in AutoLit, share your results with the world! Through Synthesis, you can present qualitative breakouts of the common concepts from studies, quantitative meta-analysis of patient outcomes, and narrative summaries of your findings. As with AutoLit, Synthesis is updated in real time, so it serves as the one-stop portal to your living systematic review.

Featured Nests

View Synthesis for select open access projects:

COVID-19 RCTs - Phase I

This nest displays a network meta-analysis of all studies reporting patient outcomes from randomized controlled trials (RCTs) for antivirals used to treat COVID-19... Read More

Opioid Use Disorder - Phase I

Here, we systematically review studies of pharmacological interventions for Opioid Use Disorder. We found 50 studies reporting over 4,500 patients, with methadone, buprenorphine... Read More


This nest addressed therapies for hyperlipidemia: specifically, we compare outcomes for patients treated with PCSK9 inhibitors against those treated with standard of care, placebo, or other... Read More

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