Launching the Nested Knowledge COVID-19 Research Visualization

As healthcare workers, policymakers, and the general public continue to grapple with difficult decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is of utmost importance that these decision-makers have access to complete and comprehensive information. While many resources have been created to track cases and mortality across the globe, it is vital that this evidence is supplemented […]

Tax Evasion and The Spread Of COVID-19: An Informal Analysis

From the Nested Knowledge Team   Our team at Nested Knowledge is exploring some interesting questions on the relationship between social behavior and spread of the novel coronavirus. One concept we explored was trying to find an indicator of compliance with law; in this case, we used tax compliance as a proxy for law-abiding behavior. […]

Nested Knowledge: Bridging the knowledge gap in the age of COVID-19

Doctors are experts at working based on incomplete information. Medical decision-making depends on correlating the patient’s narrative and symptoms with the physical exam and laboratory results and coming to a diagnosis.  Clinicians even ask about subtle symptoms that we are unaware of, an experience that most of us have had. For a known well-characterized disease, […]

Announcing ‘shukra’: Bringing NMA to the Web

Ischemic Stroke Recanalization Treatment Network (Network Meta-Analysis)

This week, we published our most recent open source project, ‘shukra’, to npm. shukra is a NodeJS module for performing Network Meta-Analysis. It aims to provide interpretable results efficiently (in less than 10 milliseconds) for simple integration into web applications. About Network Meta-Analysis Network Meta-Analysis (NMA) is a statistical method for research synthesis. Given a collection […]

xrf: Open Source Data Science at Nested Knowledge

I’m thrilled to be writing about Nested Knowledge’s recent open source contribution, the R package “xrf”. We love analytics and rely on open source at all levels of our tech stack, so it felt natural to release this project to the data science community. What is xrf? xrf, an acronym for “eXtreme RuleFit”, is an […]