How to Embed Synthesis on Your Website (Sharepoint, etc.)

How to Embed Synthesis on Your Website You can add Synthesis visuals to websites and other web-based platforms by embedding them. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to embed Synthesis in your website: Step 1: Ensure Proper Access Level First, you need to ensure your Nest is Public or Protected by navigating to the settings page […]

Artificial Intelligence at Nested Knowledge

RoboPICO RoboPICO is an optional PICO highlight tool, used to find the most commonly mentioned populations, interventions, and outcomes in the abstracts and titles. It first is used to help suggest terms of interest when query building in the Search Exploration tool. After you string a few concepts together and click explore, you will get […]

Paper Spotlight: Mechanical Thrombectomy in Anterior vs. Posterior Stroke

Research question concept map

May 25, 2022 Let’s take a quick peek at an actual manuscript published using our software. Check it out! Seeing a manuscript through to publication is stressful. You have spent months searching, screening, extracting, analyzing, and writing to be at the whim of some random peer reviewers who don’t see your manuscript as the masterpiece […]