Modernizing Decision-Support Tools for Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committees

Modernizing Decision-Support Tools for Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committees

NK is partnering with Hiteks Solutions to provide a combination of published clinical outcomes and de-ID patient data. Contact Keith Kallmes if you are interested in early access to this pilot project.

Faster Formulary:

Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committees wade through a sea of evidence in increasingly short time frames when deciding to cover new methods. Because of the sheer volume of evidence-based decisions made each year, a faster but more accurate solution is needed. Nested Knowledge is partnering with Hiteks to provide comprehensive access to insights drawn from both published clinical outcomes  and EHR data. We would like to invite your committee to join this pilot project.


Nested Knowledge:

Nested Knowledge provides comprehensive summaries and analyses of relevant clinical literature, rapidly yielding actionable insights in a novel form. Access to relevant studies is easy using our searchable, interactive, web-based tools, automatically generating a range of outputs including statistical analyses presenting results and a visual outline of the research method.

We’re Faster:

While researchers using standard methods can take up to three months to deliver a literature review, we speed up meta-analysis research using AI, machine learning, and natural language processing, then keep those reviews up-to-date as opposed to redoing them on a yearly basis. This means actionable insights can be drawn quickly.

Better Coverage:

Our insights are also more accurate. We have tested our search algorithms against the best current practices and found that our systems outperform librarians from a leading evidence-based practice center.

It’s Cheaper:

With speed and automation come serious cost-saving benefits. With your help, we can pass those savings on to P&T Committees as well.


Hiteks provides software and systems to improve the physician experience for clinical documentation improvement (CDI) and clinical decision support (CDS) functions in the Epic EHR.  Rather than building software which slows down and annoys physicians, Hiteks builds, refines and provides targeted patient-specific information for improving management and therapy, while still allowing physicians to write reports naturally.


Hiteks offers a real-time, shared view of your patient population which allows easy comparisons to national averages.

Guideline-based Evidence Research:

By combining real-world data on your health/hospital system’s own population with published evidence, Hiteks can help P&T committees maintain strict adherence to guidelines.

Automated Workflows:

Hiteks enhances EHR workflows and data by prospectively monitoring and enforcing pharmacy policy and formulary placement through EHR-workflow decision-support for physicians, pharmacists and quality improvement.