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Clinicians currently access literature reviews and meta-analyses in PDFs, an outdated format that fails to take advantage of advancements in information technology and data analytics. We are designing an interface that allows you to examine the data from a comprehensive literature review on research questions of interest. The interactive, nested features facilitate therapeutic comparisons, assist with research organization, and allow physicians to compare nuances across patient characteristics and outcomes. Ultimately, we hope to transform the way clinical data are presented to you from static, non-updatable, capriciously researched documents to an interactive visual landscape.

How Nested Knowledge works:

Be Part of the Research Revolution

Stay Up-to-Date

Sign up for a free membership. We make staying current on the research uncomplicated and convenient. You subscribe to the nests relevant to you. We notify you when a major change, addition, or consensus shift occurs. When new studies come out, we explain how they factor into existing literature and consensus, so you do not have to wait for and wade through a delayed onslaught of meta-analyses.

Join a Community of Researchers

We envision Nested Knowledge not only as a clearinghouse but a collaborative community of researchers. We rely on our clinician members to identify research questions they consider vital to patient care. Our team of specialized researchers and programmers reviews relevant research and creates a nest. The members, by interacting with the nest, offer input and insight on the design and presentation of clinical data. We customize our interface according to member feedback.

Become a Coinvestigator and Publish

Additionally, members can partner with Nested Knowledge to not only build nests but also to publish literature reviews based on our collaborative research. The nests serve as supplementary materials. The process of nest creation also inevitably illuminates gaps in the existing literature, identifying opportunities for future studies.

The members of this research community share a common mission: we want to ensure that patient care and research decisions are informed by an up-to-date, comprehensive, and refined understanding of interventional research.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our founders are serial entrepreneurs Kevin and Keith Kallmes, who have led device companies and medical research companies as well as working at the National Institutes of Health. Our software is developed by our data analytics and statistics experts, Karl Holub, John Pederson, and Stephen Mead; our team of data gatherers is led by Natalie Reierson and Nick Mikoff, who have healthcare administration, bioinformatics, and medical research experience and lead a team of 15 experienced data gatherers. Our research goals and methods are based on the input of over 50 clinical and research-focused co-investigators.
Leading academic neurosurgeons, neurologists, and interventional radiologists serve as co-authors and co-investigators on our research projects. Interested researchers in neurovascular, cardiovascular, and oncology are encouraged to reach out. We also partner with research institutions to develop and validate novel data-management technologies.
The Acute Ischemic Stroke Nest is available free of charge on our website, and will remain so. Contact us at contact@nested-knowledge.com for a demo of our literature review software.
Contact contact@nested-knowledge.com to request a custom Nest. We produce both externally-facing data-visualizations and customized, internal safety and efficacy reports customized to your needs, generally within 4-6 weeks.
All data is gathered twice to ensure fidelity to the original published literature. We use two independent, experienced gatherers, who use our proprietary software to pull data from relevant articles, after which a third party adjudicator reviews any “disagreement” between gatherers. We have implemented a software-focused quality management system to validate our methods and software and maintain data quality.
While patients should always consult a medical professional before making care decisions, Nested Knowledge provides them with an opportunity to access clinical outcomes data which often lies out of reach and in forms uninterpretable by laypeople.
We’re always looking for co-investigators! Email keith.kallmes@nested-knowledge.com with a description of your research interests.
Email keith.kallmes@nested-knowledge.com with a description of your clinical outcome-related data needs.
Email keith.kallmes@nested-knowledge.com; we would love to chat!
We’re currently looking for help developing our shared-decision-making tools. Please get in touch at keith.kallmes@nested-knowledge.com to share your ideas.
You can access our whitepaper here: https://about.nested-knowledge.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Nested-Knowledge-Whitepaper-10-29-2019.pdf
Follow us on Twitter @NestedKnowledge or on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/company/nested-knowledge/.