DataDive: Custom, Comprehensive Reviews Created for You

Whether you need a literature review to support a marketing claim, a regulatory submission, or your scientific research, AutoLit gives you a comprehensive, updatable report of the population, therapy, and outcome data related to your query. Best meta-analytical practices are built into our software, which our experts use to find, extract, and present information in the format that best suits your needs. In order to obtain the clinical evidence underlying vital health decisions, send us your research question and we will ensure that you have an answer, in the structure of your choice, that you can update whenever you need. By deploying best practices proactively, you can save time and money by avoiding laborious, potentially non-replicable manual gathering and updating methods.


Regulatory agencies worldwide require literature reviews as part of submissions; published clinical evidence de-risks and contextualizes your therapy.


To ensure your claims are grounded in evidence, Nested Knowledge analyzes comparative clinical outcomes data on your and your competitors’ therapies.


Whether you are conducting a trial or sponsoring post-market research, planning your protocol based on existing publications ensures appropriate power, comparators, and success metrics.