A “Meta” Analysis of Systematic Review Software

Over the past few weeks, the research team at Nested Knowledge has been carefully answering an important question: how does our software stack up against other web-based tools for executing systematic literature reviews? Our team figured the best way to go about answering that question was a detailed, systematic review of various systematic review software. […]

Nested Knowledge Teams Up With Hiteks Solutions

St. Paul, MN, Tuesday, October 20, 2020 – Nested Knowledge Inc. (NESTED) has teamed up with Hiteks Solutions Inc. (HITEKS) to modernize the way Life Sciences Market Access groups communicate with clinicians.  Rather than relying on inefficient communication mechanisms and often doubted evidence which are often outdated, incomplete, and address only a subset of clinical […]

Development update – Professionalized site with new features

Development update – Professionalized site with new features ST. PAUL, MN: July 15, 2019 – Several new features and analytical tools have been added site, the interface has been professionalized, and the total number of studies extracted and integrated into the site to has reached 53, covering roughly 16,000 patients. New features include: – A navigation tool […]

Development update – Site navigation

Development update – Site navigation ST. PAUL, MN: March 29, 2019 – Tour functionality was implemented across the Nested Knowledge Acute Ischemic Stroke Nest. This tour functionality provides an interactive walk-through of the site, while highlighting and describing the important elements of the nest. We believe that providing users with an interactive tour of the […]