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Nested Knowledge and Rubidoux Research Partner to Create New Paradigm for Evidence Synthesis Projects in Health Technology Assessment

Keith Kallmes

Keith Kallmes

Dave Thompson, former CEO of Open Health, ISPOR Board of Directors

Together, the organizations will drive biopharma industry from current “one & done” literature reviews to living evidence libraries built on a common platform accessible by global HTA agencies.

St. Paul, MN – September 12, 2023 – Nested Knowledge Inc., a leading provider of AI-based SaaS platform solutions for systematic literature review and meta-analysis, announced today that it will team up with Rubidoux Research LLC to radically change how evidence synthesis projects are conducted by biopharma manufacturers, shared with and accessed by health technology assessment (HTA) bodies, and updated over time to facilitate treatment decisions that improve patient outcomes.

Systematic literature reviews (SLRs) are an integral component of global value dossiers and the HTA submission process. Historically, SLRs were performed at a given point in time and quickly became obsolete as new research emerged in the published literature, requiring costly updates to the evidence base and all related analyses. To counteract these inefficiencies, the Nested Knowledge platform facilitates creation of “Nests,” living evidence libraries that capture and analyze all relevant literature for a given intervention, continuously updated based on judicious use of artificial intelligence (AI) models. Nested Knowledge has partnered with the health economics & outcomes research (HEOR) consultancy, Rubidoux Research, to offer Nest construction services to the biopharma industry, with a focus on drug-specific projects to drive pharma intelligence and decision-making.

 “Keith and I founded Nested Knowledge because we saw how frustrating and tedious systematic literature reviews can be to do manually. We knew there had to be a better way, a tech-enabled way, so we created an interactive platform to make these projects faster, cheaper, and easier to interpret,” said Kevin Kallmes, co-founder and CEO of Nested Knowledge. “But the research process still fundamentally depends on the expertise of the operator, and we’re not methodologists or experts in HEOR. Rubidoux Research is a leader in HEOR methods and execution, and that’s why we see them as an ideal partner.”

Under terms of the collaboration agreement, Rubidoux Research will become a designated evidence synthesis partner to Nested Knowledge for consulting and research services related to drug- and device-specific nest creation, including development and implementation of search protocols, article review and summarization, generation of analytic insights, and document preparation. Additional activities to be carried out jointly by the two organizations include sales and marketing and advancement of thought leadership in evidence synthesis.

“The growing popularity of AI large language models, emergence of platform-based knowledge sharing, and drive towards automation of repeatable tasks combine to shed the existing ‘one & done’ approach to evidence synthesis in a very unfavorable light,” said Rubidoux Research Founder & Principal Consultant David Thompson, PhD. “I can foresee a new paradigm taking shape in which the Nested Knowledge platform becomes widely adopted by global HTA bodies and life sciences companies to ensure seamless creation, sharing, and updating of living libraries of evidence. Rubidoux Research is excited to play a role in bringing that new reality to fruition.”

Leaders from Nested Knowledge and Rubidoux Research are available for immediate engagement and will be at the ISPOR EU 2023 conference in Copenhagen in November.

About Nested Knowledge:

Nested Knowledge, Inc. was founded in 2018 by Keith and Kevin Kallmes, along with technical co-founders Karl Holub (CTO) and Stephen Mead (Chief Engineer). The company provides a leading evidence synthesis, systematic literature review, and meta-analysis software to users ranging from academic research institutions to HEOR and Market Access consultancies.

About Rubidoux Research:

Rubidoux Research LLC consists of a global network of researchers with expertise in all aspects of HEOR & market access consulting, including evidence synthesis. The company was founded by David Thompson to leverage his 35 years of consulting experience to help clients achieve their scientific and business objectives in the ever-evolving HEOR & RWE realms.


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