The novel coronavirus has indeed unified the scientific world to bring all of its resources together on one of the largest scales in modern history. The pandemic has highlighted the importance of research in the life sciences, evidence synthesis and data analysis. Scientists across the world are now freely sharing data, while various institutions, companies, and publications are opening up all their resources to aid research on the pandemic.

For our part, Nested Knowledge brings you a shared datasheet of statistics on COVID-19 cases and mortality, which summarizes the raw data made available based on a range of sources here, including cases and deaths by country and population. As the scientific community rallies around to fight the pandemic, data analytics experts and interested citizen scientists can use this sheet to build their data models; you can “mirror” it in your own Google Sheet using the ImportRange function.  We hope that this can be a start for researchers to pool data and construct their own analysis on factors related to population, socioeconomics, culture, and other datasets. Here is a list of other resources we have put together from various sources to be updated on a frequent basis.

  1. Cochrane Clinical Answers related to COVID-19: A guide to enable clinical decision-making for healthcare professionals
  2. Cochrane’s COVID-19 Study Register for primary research studies on the pandemic
  3. Cochrane Rapid Reviews to identify high-quality review data in production
  4. Fast Grants for COVID-19 science
  5. Updated list of most important scientific publications on the novel coronavirus by Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center
  6. COVID-19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19), with full-text scholarly articles and plenty of additional links and resources
  7. The journal Science has an updated list of free news and research articles on COVID-19
  8. COVID-19 Resource Center by the Lancet
  9. A collection of COVID-19 articles and resources by The New England Journal of Medicine
  10. COVID-19 coverage by STAT news
  11. Top 50 software resources on the novel coronavirus
  12. COVID-19 Data Discovery Environment by SAS Analytics
  13. Worldwide tracker of COVID-19 by country, cases and deaths
  14. COVID-19 Dashboard tracker by Johns Hopkins University
  15. Coronavirus funding and resources for health researchers by National Institute of Health’s Fogarty Research Center with comprehensive list of resources for training, clinical trials, vaccines, treatment and funding
  16. Research on COVID-19 published on the Web of Science by Clarivate Analytics
  17. Microsoft Academic Resources on COVID-19 research
  18. MIT Press E-resource including free journal articles, books, textbooks and blog

In the near future, we will share a resource to enable the examination not only of cases and mortality but of the scientific literature on COVID-19 on an updatable basis, to do our part during this crisis. We will also update this blog as new sources appear.